Lets talk bumpers…

In the overlanding game bumpers are well needed to protect the body of the vehicle, also to attach recovery gear, that bulky spare tire or some sort of overland equipment you need for the trail. Everybody wants something different other then a ARB or some other off the shelf bumper. Maybe you have a vehicle that nobody makes a bumper for, or the bumper doesn’t fit the application you want to us it for…

So here in New Mexico, deep in Billy the kid territory there is a family-owned company named S.O.B Fabrication that can make anything you can dream about for your Rig. Travis at S.O.B started out part time as he worked full time working for the fire department for 6 years! Travis is also an avid off-road camper that puts his product to the test every time he goes on the trail. “Witch is nice to know”

Travis and his father now pursued a full-time operation this year “2021” and putting their amazing fabrication skills to work on custom bumpers/armor. No job is big or small with a CNC plasma table, CNC press brake, Tube bender and all the stuff that you can dream about in a Fab shop. The design of each bumper is very put together to accommodate LED lights, winches, sensors for new vehicles, etc. He is highly recommend for high clearance rear bumpers, which cuts the bed sides behind the rear tires allowing for the bumper to be tucked up as high as possible and also provides protection.

A few members from NEWMEXICO-EXPEDITION have recently took there overland rigs to S.O.B for a transformation❕

LEE from NM-E took his Tacoma overland build to Travis for a pair of custom bumpers front and rear with a dual swing out. Once Lee got his Toyota back from S.O.B we headed out camping. At camp I had a chance to look closer and was very impressed on the construction and the welding of the bumpers. The trails Me/Lee takes are extreme so over the months he has put the bumpers to the test! They are rock solid and he doesn’t have to think twice about hitting a rock or crunching down a tree or two.

  • The results of Lee’s Toyota Tacoma ⬇️

  • This thing see’s more dirt then most⬆️

Corey from NM-E was looking for some custom bumpers for his Power wagon with dual swing outs aswell. Lee recommended S.O.B. so the NM-E CORE-SIX members ended up taking an overland trip to Lincoln County to meet up with Travis from S.O.B at a remote camp site in the Capitan mountains where Billy the kid and Pat Garret roamed.

After meeting Travis in person and checking out his overland Tundra with a A/T camping unit and custom S.O.B bumpers. I was impressed how down to earth he was and very genuine. The next day after dropping off Corey’s rig we all made a new overland friend. We will be seeing Travis on the trail with us soon!

  • The results of Corey’s Power Wagon ⬇️

  • One of the best or if not THE best full size overlanding rig in New Mexico ⬆️

As for me coming from a fabricator aspect, I am really impressed with Travis abilities and the Fab work mixed with the welding skills to make a good product to put on the market. I would definitely recommend S.O.B to anyone looking for a bumper or Fab work on their next overland Rig❕


S.O.B Fabrication

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