“Some mountains only require a good pair of shoes. Others require an entire team to conquer. Knowing which is which is the key to success.”

NewMexico-Expedition guided a group of avid campers through the remote Brazos wilderness of northern New Mexico skirting the border of Colorado for an epic 3-day adventure!

We started out above Tres Piedres near Ute. After airing down we headed west into the darkened deep green Carson National Forest to find our two NM-E team members that secured a camp a day earlier.

As our convoy was winding through the forest you can start to forget the everyday life of the grind, work, stress, releasing from you mind and body.

After 43 miles on dirt to the first camp we unpacked and started to relax to enjoy the forest. Our team started a fire pit we broke out the chainsaws, cut up a dead tree, and showed our youth that was with one of our members how to chop wood with an axe.

That night it got into the high 30s with some rain which was very nice!

I got up at 530 to watch the sun rise over the Carson with some coffee in hand. I must tell you there isn’t words to describe how the feeling/seeing a sun rise or set, I always try and capture that moment and take it with me home.

After breakfast we packed up and headed deeper in the forest to link up with the Cumbres and Toltec iron horse train that stems through Osier pass from Colorado to New Mexico. Once we made the 30-mile trek through some switch backs and water crossings we made good time and hit the train at the depo.


Walking up to the train with the coal in the air, hot stem blowing the roaring sound of this iron beast can bring you back to the 1800s. You can only imagine how the old outlaws stopped and robbed these huge machines.

After taking pictures we headed west to set up camp in a valley near where the train stems through hidden from people. Once there we unpacked, I pulled this fishing rod out to find the browns lurking in the water. But only found a few small guys that wasn’t worth eating so we started dinner using my oven for some pizza! My wife also baked a cake for my Birthday in the woods!

Around the campfire the NM-E members sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me which was awesome and something I will never forget!

After a great night we woke up and headed to Antonito CO for fuel and to head home. Me and a few others stayed and had lunch and checked out the train station.

I have the say this trip is definitely one for the books!



The deserts of New Mexico

This past weekend me and the wife wanted to check out some new parts of New Mexico west of Albuquerque. So we headed out Saturday for a night in the desert.

We made out way through two track roads passed New Mexico ranches that no longer had inhabitants, just the lasting mark of there history.

We made camp 63 miles from the nearest highway, in some high cliffs surrounded by big rocks. Searching around the rocks we found numerous rock shelters that could of been from  Indians or a lone cowboy trying to get away.

After walking around we made our way to a abandoned rock house.

We encountered a few rattlesnakes to add to our dinner.

Fun fact rattlesnakes are also used as clan animals in some Native American cultures.



Friends IN High Places

So this past weekend a few buddies and I met up in the Lincoln National Forest in Southern New Mexico.

We found a nice remote campsite in Northern Lincoln National Forest in Billy the kid country. It was nice camping in the same spot for 2days “which usually I don’t do” and hanging out with my good friends , knowing Billy the kid “the famous outlaw” could have rode through here getting chased by Pat Garrett.

Saturday night we had a potluck and every body brought something for Frito pie! I also did bring my oven so I can cook some trail pizza and some amazing cinnamon rolls in the morning !


“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.”

This past weekend I got married in the mountains to my lovely wife. As I go on this new path of my life I wanted to get out and explore new land and new water to fish with my wife so, we set out for an epic adventure north through the Colorado mountains.

Our journey started Saturday morning leaving Rio Rancho New Mexico near Albuquerque. As we drove north, we enjoyed the fresh air and the amazing views listening to country music. Once we got into Colorado the mountains got bigger and more intriguing…

We filled up in Center Colorado and headed into the Rio Grande National Forrest. As we climbed switchbacks over Honeymoon Pass, we made our descent down into a valley. The trek down wasn’t too crazy but you could feel the weight of the RIG baring down on us from the steep downhill slop over big rocks. As we crossed the Veil, we made it to camp near a running stream. I could not resist putting a line in the water …. I caught numerous Blown Trout for dinner that night. We were 92 miles into the Rio Grande National Forrest and no one around – just like we like it.

There is just something about the night sky in the mountains that makes you feel like your part of something bigger than just the day-to-day grind….

As we woke up on that Sunday I fished and made some coffee and enjoyed the small critter noises all around that our ears were taking in. Around 9 AM we left camp and headed north, we passed through the boundary of the Gunnison National Forrest over Mexican Pass. After another 90 miles from camp, we got to Gunnison CO for some whiskey and supplies. Was not really impressed with this small Colorado town (too many tourists, and too much like a big city for us) …. But we continued to our next camp.

We entered the Forrest far west of town and headed north to Pitkin CO for a bit to eat and to fill the truck up with gas. We aired down outside of Pitkin and climbed up the Rockies to Cumberland Pass. As we reached the top at 12,045ish ft in elevation, stopped and enjoyed the wonderful views and looked at the other peaks that Colorado has to offer. As we set off down the mountain to Tincup CO I left a little piece of me at the top of that mountain.

We entered Tincup CO at 10,000 ft around 5 PM, as we drove through this small ghost town you must admire the 1800s structures and be amazed at how the people lived back in the 1800’s.

I pushed north of Tincup deeper into the Gunnison National Forrest and found a remote camp near a stream where the fishing was good! The weather held but a little windy at 10,036 ft. We broke out the Heated shower for a fresh night’s sleep.

The next morning, we set off to climb Tincup Pass to St Elmo’s. The trail up Tincup Pass was easy in my RIG as we climbed over big rocks and in altitude. Once we hit the top at 12,152 ft you get a sense that we humans are tiny in this world of ours. After about an hour of enjoying the company of some folks and a Wedding/Trek celebration shot of some Colorado whiskey, we headed down the mountain into San Isabel National Forrest to St Elmo’s before the rain set in. St Elmo’s is a very small ghost town with a small single store, we did find a very nice silver ring that my wife had to have. Then is dumped rain lucky we got off the pass by them or it would have been an interesting trek down.

We set off south after our 4-hour trek over the mountain and headed to Salida CO for some lunch. after lunch we continued south to New Mexico near the border of Colorado into the Carson National Forrest. We made camp along a Trout stream in New Mexico where the trout are abundance eating off the topwater. So, I took out the flyrod and did a little dry flyfishing before we made camp. My wife was making a delicious dinner while I was soaking in the stream that I had to take advantage of! The night was amazing next to the campfire with my wife wishing I was rich so I didn’t have to come back to work… but those memories that we had together will not be lost.

The next morning we set off home to enjoy our future together and plan the next trip next weekend!

“The choices we make lead up to actual experiences. It is one thing to decide to climb a mountain. It is quite another to be on top of it.”

So in 4 days we went through four National Forests , over four mountain passes and camped in some super remote places.


This past weekend my buddy Jason invited Me and Lee to camp with him on the Pecos River where the river snakes through the desert of New Mexico. There’s just something about when the sun sets on a New Mexico night.

Camp was very tight ! Good thing I like these guys lol!

On the way out of camp a few rock shelf’s .


Hosting a camp site for other groups

We wanted to start a overlanding group here New Mexico for a few reasons, first of all I wanted to help the community out so they/we can meet new people that have the same mindset / likes , and also put NM on the map for EPIC camping from desert terrain to mountains and streams. So we came up with NEWMEXICO 🇺🇸 EXPEDITION

After a year of running the group with having numerous events, Trail runs , epic camping,  etc . We have made friends around the country in our travels . So that said this past weekend NM🇺🇸E hosted “Toyota in Texas group” for some camping in the Jemez mountains in NM.

Their journey started in far Texas , going across a few states for some amazing wheeling and camping in Utah! They got into Albuquerque late afternoon super exhausted from their travels. so we wanted to give them a safe and secluded camp site close to Albuquerque in the mountains for the night as they pass through. We took them on a old 1800s logging railroad trek that carves its way through the Jemez mountains through tunnels and canyons. The trail ended on top of a mountain overlooking the mountain range.

we all know and have been there researching ,and watching YouTube videos about the areas/trails you think you’re going to make camp. But you will never find those hard to find local spots on the internet…. It’s always nice to have a group to help with locations.

I gotta tell you ! What a great group of guys/friends all looking for the same thing …. ADVENTURE.

This is exactly why we wanted to make an Overland group! so we can help the community come together. So if you’re ever in New Mexico and need a safe and secluded camp area remote or not just look us up we’re always willing to help.

Magdalena,New Mexico

This weekend the NEWMEXICO 🇺🇸 EXPEDITION group headed to southern New Mexico .

We had 13 Rigs that came for the adventure. started near Socorro New Mexico and headed south on a dirt road for 30 miles to make camp .

The trail went through a high canyon deep in the desert.
The group camped on the southern end of the Magdalena mountains overlooking multiple mountain ranges in New Mexico. WHAT A VIEW!

Camping with a group of friends that like the same thing are hard to come by … You won’t find BETTER friends !

So next time your in New Mexico looks us up if you want to join in on a adventure and meet good people that love camping !

Overlanding for trout

Well where to start …. Ever since I was little I would go fishing with my dad and enjoy the summer days catching rainbow trout and some mysterious brown trout along the Pecos river or somewhere in Jemez NM . My dad is a great angler and teacher but I bet he didn’t know those memories he thought me would cement within me… So after growing up and starting my family I wanted to get the angler in me out and teach my wife about fishing . I took her to the spots my father took me when I was a kid and she was HOOKED after reeling her first trout out of the water! We would go out every weekend looking for trout to bring home and cook . But adventure beckoned and I wanted to go even more remote and further away to fish new waters .
My father
I started building my 93 toyota for camping and fishing so it would be bullet proof on the trail for exactly what I wanted to do. I fabricated and mounted a custom fly/spin rod holder to the side of the truck and made it out of stainless steel for strength (to lessen the hit of passing trees). With truck fishing upgrades installed my wife and I were ready to take off for #expiditiontrout.

We started out on our long trail together, looking for the mysterious Rio Grande cutthroat …. We were headed for fishing in northern NEW MEXICO. Every now and again our journies would bring us to honey holes of brookies that were waiting to be caught! You could throw any fly in the water and pull a Brook out, I most remember the beautiful and vibrant orange streaked just across their bellies. Now, that place is my secret and most favorite place to be in OCTOBER. After fishing many waters and catching thousands of fish my wife cought a 17in trout right out of the Rio Chama and holds the record in my house today (lol).

In 2020 NEW MEXICO started a new program called the “New Mexico Trout Challenge” to catch all 5 species of trout  and of course I couldn’t pass up that up. This specific adventure started overlanding across New Mexico back country looking for these 5 special trout in hard to find places that were very remote from people. It was such an amazing experience catching trout in the Gila , waking up in northern NM on a crisp morning on  the Rio Chama, fly fishing on the head waters of the Rio grande, catching salmon and cooking them for camp at night … Those memories will be with me forever… Long story short, I WON 1st place in the challenge! For me overlanding and fishing go hand to hand I am always looking for the most remote places to check out the stream and pull out my fly rod.

It is well said that “God subtracts the allotted time of man, those hours spent fishing” – Flywater

Utah nights

Over the past year of traveling to Colorado,Arizona and everywhere in New Mexico. My wife and good friends Lee and Mariah decided to check out Utah! Yes, new mexico has great views but wow! waking up in the crisp morning looking over monument valley…. is definitely one for the books! The Valley that the Colorado River carved in the land is amazing to look upon with gazing eyes … I know many of you can relate! If you haven’t been to utah you need to make that on your list. On this trip we did a 5 day camping EXPEDITION ,camping in three different states.